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The Three Track Podcast is lovingly curated by a music nerd, for music nerds.

Guests pick their three favourite tracks, from niche B-sides to the most ubiquitous chart hits, and discuss every beat in intricate detail, as well as their general love of music.

This a chance for music-loving guests to give their friends a break from endless monologues about the importance of vinyl, and have an outlet to get as in-depth and nerdy as they want with host, comedian and resident music obsessive Gabriel Ebulue.


Music and stings used under CC Attribution License: 1984 by Punk Rock Opera.


Sep 9, 2019

Anaïs Mitchell is a Tony Award-winning singer-songwriter. In this episode, live from Green Man Festival, we talk about her love of folk music, her songwriting process, her musical Hadestown, and much more. 
Track 1 – Gillian Welch – April The 14th (Part 1)
Track 2 – Rickie Lee Jones – We Belong Together

Aug 26, 2019

Ezra Furman is an American musician and songwriter. In this episode, live from Deer Shed Festival, we talk about Doo-wop music, 60's girl groups, the power of John Lennon's voice, and much more. 
Track 1 – The Tammys - Egyptian Shumba
Track 2 – John Lennon – Mother 
Track 3 – Howlin' Wolf – How Many More...

Aug 12, 2019

In this album special we invited actor Daniel Hoffmann-Gill back on the podcast to talk about three songs from one of his favorite albums: My War by Black Flag. 
Track 1 – My War 
Track 2 – I Love You
Track 3 – Three Nights
(All chosen songs can be found on the Three Track Podcast Playlist on Spotify, so...

Aug 5, 2019

Bonus Tracks are special episodes where I answer questions and discuss topics suggested by our wonderful listeners. In this installment of Bonus Tracks, I talk about underrated love songs, unofficial movie soundtracks, dream podcast guests, and more. 

You can ask questions or suggest topics by...

Jul 22, 2019

Brigitte Aphrodite is a punk poet, musician, writer, theatre-maker and feminist showgirl. In this episode, we talk about the lineage of feminist punk icons, the witty lyrics of Jarvis Cocker, her new theatre piece Parakeet and much more. 
Track 1 – X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!
Track 2 – Jarvis Cocker –...